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Cabaret East

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We will be having a crawfish boil to celebrate mardi gras on feburary 2/25/2020. Come celebrate with us well have mask and a great atmoshpere. $3 crown and down and $3 beer March Madness
Come watch the games at Cabaret East Happy Hour every day from Open till 10pm 
$4.25 crown and down
$3.75 domestic beer
$4.75 imports and craft draft
Featured Event Timing
$3 Tuesdays
TBT Thursday Night Party

Welcome to Cabaret East – Fort Worth

Cabaret East welcomes you to the hottest party in DFW. We are proud to present to you the most erotically attractive exotic entertainers, and companionable staff, from all around the metroplex. We are located just three miles north of the Cowboy Stadium and just about 20 miles between downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. We are the most memorable upscale gentleman’s club in the area, and offer an honorable valet service, elegant assortment of cigars, exemplary bottle services with a relaxing preferred seating lounge area, an exquisite restaurant menu, and the hottest night club atmosphere around.

Visiting our location starts with praiseworthy valet service followed by a greeting at the door with exemplary personality and an alluring smile by our wonderful door staff. You are then welcomed by an above panoramic view of our entire club. The upper level has a fully equipped bar to your left with two 42” liquid crystal display televisions, and high back cushion seating that overlooks the main floor and gives a great view of all our stages and to your right is our poker table with high back barrel seating where you can step into a Texas Hold’em game at any time (for entertainment purposes only). Our Main floor is equipped with handicap accessibility and has two stair access points. The main floor has two hip high illuminated octagon shaped stages and a large rectangular illuminated duel pole stage that gives you the best up close exotic entertainment around.

Cabaret East Cabaret East Cabaret East
Cabaret East
12325 Calloway Cemetery Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76040
Phone: (817) 354.5247

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